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Monkey magazine is men's magazine delivered free to your email inbox every week. The magazine has videos, loads of sexy girls, gadgets, car and sports news. It The magazine has videos, photos and sound and every week you get news updates from the world of sports, gadgets, entertainment and more. The most notable feature about monkey magazine is the monkey girls, who often pose topless to heat you up. The magazine stops just before showing female genitalia. Bizarre photographs, girl on girl videos, and everything that is in the life of a man women, fast cars, music, film, sport, humour, and more. Once you start receiving the magazine, you feel it wouldn't hurt even if you have to pay for this magazine.

Girls Galore

Monkey girls are super gorgeous young girls and women, who bare them all and show you almost everything. The magazine also has videos, which you can view from your computer. What is more, no issue of the magazine goes out of print and you can always access the past issues, provided you didn't trash them. You have a chance to vote for the best monkey girl and the girls with the most votes appear as cover girls. Got to be interesting, nah? The magazine also has some hot lesbian action and then some more.

Product Reviews

Monkey magazine comes with product reviews of gadgets, sport gear and cars. With gadgets and sport gear reviews, you get a 360-degree view of the products featured. You can make click on your mouse to see the products from all different angles and to study the details. You will also find similar introduction to all cool cars, gadgets, football, baseball gloves, iPod, mobile phones, and everything you are likely to buy in the near future.


Monkey magazine also comes with some nice reviews of recent music productions, films and everything in the world of entertainment. You will find ideas of the latest music releases, DVD and music downloads on the internet. Don't ever forget to read the great entertainment reviews, which mainly come with an easy light read that everyone enjoys.

Cars & Motoring

You will find some nice cool motoring videos in the magazine. The videos of the cosy cars that guys like to drive - you will enjoy the videos as they unfold before you. The magazine makes sure you have some nice videos of dream cars while you log in to Monkey magazine.


The videos of monkey magazine come under different categories like celeb, sport, funny, cool, interviews, etc. You can find some nice funny videos and interviews with people like successful journalists, who open up their minds before monkey magazine editors. Monkey magazine is the first magazine to show you the idea of videos in a magazine.

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Coming with loads of topless girls, the best of gadget previews, movie & game trailers, motor news & videos, and everything in the lives of men, Monkey magazine is always the right choice for every guy with a computer connected to the internet. Delivered free to your inbox every week, this magazine redefines the concepts of magazines. Subscribe to Monkey magazine today and don't pay any money ever.


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