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Macworld is a monthly computer magazine dedicated to apple Apple Macintosh products. It is published by Mac Publishing, which is headquartered in San Fransisco, California. Published since 1984, the magazine has the largest audited circulation of Macintosh –Focused magazines in North America. Mac world was founded by David Bunnell (publisher) and Andrew Fluegelman (editor).

The magazine is published in many countries, either by other IDG subsidiaries or by outside publishers who have licensed the brand name and its contents. These editions include Ausralia, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Its content is also incorporated into a number of other IDG publications. In addition to publishing a monthly print magazine Mac world also operates numerous websites.

The latest technology is delivered to you buy the magazine. The magazine is according to your tastes and requirements. The Macworld magazine comes with latest product releases, software and hardware tests and tutorials. The scope of tutorials and how-to guides range from virus prevention to advanced programming skills. Targeting beginner and pro level users alike, this magazine is written in simple, easy to follow language and come with extensive step by step tutorials. Product review sections are unavoidable for every computer magazine and the writers bash or pamper new hardware or software products available in the market.

The style of writing is both informal and informative, the facts given are accurate and the opinions generally helpful. Macworld is packed with reviews, featuring at least ten detailed reviews per month and several small paragraph long overviews of products in the news section. Unlike many Mac magazines, Macworld restricts itself to Mac compatible products rather than products only for Mac, this is very valuable for consumers as all suitable products can be compared. The reviews are thorough, the degree of completeness they obtain presumes a prior basic understanding of technology and computing concepts, a complete beginner may need to have some kind of reference book to help them through the more detailed reviews.

Macworld contains several articles similar in style to feature articles in newspapers, this is a welcome break from product specific works and is an entry for people new to Mac into the `culture` that seems to have grown around the technology. The layout of Macworld is clear and well structured, the graphics are good quality, appropriate to the article and informative. The print, although small, is easy and comfortable to read.

Every month Macworld includes a free CD, obviously the content of this varies but it usually includes a couple of full programs, some trials and some demos; it also carries updates which is especially helpful for those with slower modem internet connections as it saves on downloading from the internet. Macworld often comes with a second CD with an entire program on it, the latest copy has a CD containing all of the editorial content in Macworld from 2001.

The magazine stands alone as an expert and bible in the field. No other magazine combines the different sections as thoroughly as the Macworld Magazine does. The magazine is surely a best bye value equipment which is an ideal choice. It is a well featured magazine worth the money.


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