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Hello is top celebrity news, gossip and entertainment magazine, originally published from Britain and now available in India, UAE, Spain, Mexico, Turkey, Russia, Thailand, Greece, Canada and Serbia. The weekly magazine is complete with celebrity news, gossips, travel stories and world news. There are several features, which all tell you in detail about what is going on the world of celebrities, fashion, movies and more. Also coming with some competitions, this magazine makes sure you have good treat every week.

Celebrity News & Gossips

Read about the awards and red carpet receptions that celebrities from all walks of life get in the past week. Hello magazine comes with some good stuff of party news, celebrity events, awards and more. You will also read in detail about the new celebrity babies, flings, relationships and more. Through the celebrity mega blitz, you will also find what is going on in the culture, entertainment, film and music scenes. This magazine also comes with news from the royal families.

Films, Music & Entertainment

Hello magazine has several pages dedicated to new music releases and films. You will read about the music releases, music artists, actors, directors, etc and on the stories, films and performances. While looking to get the best of film and entertainment news, Hello magazine is always a step ahead.

Fashion & Beauty Advice

Mostly for the women and occasionally for the men, Hello magazine comes with a few fashion guides and advice, which will inspire you to present yourselves in more warmth and attractive light. While fashion and beauty are not the only topics of the magazine, these topics do give you a good idea of the emerging trends and the things to be happened in the fashion and beauty industries.

Food & Drink

Hello magazine comes with some great recipes, restaurant reviews and food & drinks features, giving you reasons to try even new dishes. You will find cooking ideas from all parts of the world. You will always have some reason to better enjoy your eating out and cooking at home.

Travel Features

If you are interested in the great travel ideas to all parts of Europe, to the US, to South America and to South Asia, Hello magazine always have some nice travel stories, which are always accompanied by some spectacular photographs. The travel stories tell you about the culture and life of the places, which you might consider going to.


Hello magazine has some good competitions, entitling you to win everything from some cool books and CDs to some nice digital cameras or a day in a spa. The magazine just continues to amuse you, with all the features it delivers.

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Hello magazine is one lively magazine, which keeps you updated to the latest world events, entertainment news and celebrity bloopers. Also coming with some great quality food & drink features, travel features and some amazing competitions, this magazine is a special treat. Subscribe to Hello magazine and make sure you have the special treat every week.


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