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Classic Cars magazine is one of a kind magazine in the UK, specially designed for classic car lovers. Alfa Romeo to Volvo convertibles, off track performance cars of the fifties to Audi rallying specialists, Classic Car magazine is all about classic cars, its conditions, classic car events, competitions, maintenance tips, buying guides, buying insurance, workshop guides, and everything related to classic cars.

Classic Cars News

Classic Cars magazine covers classic car related events like no other magazine in the UK. It is a complete coverage of all events related to classic cars, auctions, sales events, displays, classic car rallies, etc. You will get events calendar and events coverage to keep you updated about the things going on in the world of classic cars. How much money has been raised by auction/charity events and the type of classic cars available at different events you can't miss a thing classic cars with this magazine.

Car Buying Advice

You will also get expert buying advice, to sort out the good ones from lemons. The writers of the magazine have tested several models of the past. You get a clear idea of the performance of the car, complete with its handling, engine condition, interiors, etc. Sometimes the classic cars you dismiss as lemons may not be so and the seemingly good bargain can turn out to be a lemon it can go both ways, but not for the writers of Classic Cars magazine.

Buying advice is not limited to the cars, parts, cleaning materials and tools, but is extended to the kind of insurance available for classic car purchases. You can compare the different insurance products before buying one.

The magazine also comes with some nice competitions that entitle you to win free insurance, kits, free subscription to the magazine, guidebooks, cleaning materials, etc. There are several prizes to be won, most readers of this magazine do enter the competitions for winning some freebies, tickets to events, magazine subscriptions, guidebooks, etc.

While reading the tour events, you also get travel ideas for the enthusiast fans of classic cars.

The accompanying website of the magazine too is a great valuable tool, giving you details of all the classic cars events hosted at different located. Every month, there is a variety of events like tours, rallies, shows, races, etc. going on in different parts of the UK and across the Europe. Keeping updated about the events will ready you to attending those events, which help you book a seat for such events. The website also has message board, blog, buying guide and competitions, making it a perfect companion for the printed material.

Classic Car magazine tells you the things in clear fashion. Accompanied by special photographs of the classic cars, the write ups by the writers are always a treat for classic car lovers. If you are a lover of classic cars, it is hard to think to you don't have a subscription to Classic Car magazine.


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Classic Car Weekly Magazine is Published by: Kelsey Publishing Ltd
Address: Cudham Tithe Barn
Berrys Hill
Berrys Green
Cudham TN16 3AG
Telephone Number: 01959 541444
Fax Number: 01959 541400
Website: http://www.kelsey.co.uk
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